Perry Towle

Creative Director & Animator

He uses all things Adobe to keep things fired-up at TruFuel. A musician, animator, and collaborator, Perry is wired for creativity and pulling together great talent to get the job done right.

Perry has been producing online multimedia marketing content such as websites, animation, music and e-cards since 1999. Before that, he received a Masters in Experiential Education and then worked as a youth instructor for several organizations including Outward Bound and The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. He also produced, wrote, animated, edited, scored and created voices for a 36-minute award-winning animation.


TruFuel’s Independent Contractors

Root House Studio - Design Studio -

TruFuel and Root House will often collaborate to keep projects moving forward. We share office space which is handy and they have a knack for finding the best animators in Boulder.


Amy Humphries  -  Producer/Project Manager

A dynamite Project Manager and Producer, Amy can be summed up in three words: organized, efficient, and creative. She’s never met a problem that couldn’t be streamlined and solved with teamwork, tenacity and a to-do list.


Eddy MayerConcept Artist / Illustrator –

Truly an outstanding illustrator and designer, Eddy is experienced in producing commercial work for film, animation, video game and advertising companies.Eddy specializes in the creation of Characters, Environments, Vehicles, and Storyboards.


Jan Delany - iOS and Flash Developer -

We occasional work on mobile apps or online games so we turn to Jan for his genius. Jan is a proven software and problem-solving fanatic with over 18 years experience in programming and graphic design. He has a gift for simplifying and communicating the technically complex, and has a healthy obsession with user experience. 


Josh Holland - Concept Artist / Illustrator -

Artist Josh Holland’s natural proclivity for image making has parlayed into a career that spans illustration, art direction, graphic design, fine art, and animation. His work is distinguished by inspired character design, high energy line work, hand drawn typography, and a youthful sense of wonder for the world around us.


Scott Wallace - Illustrator -

Scott specializes in multi-style illustration, graphic and multimedia design, animation and identity systems for non-profits and businesses of all types.





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  "I've now worked with TruFuel on at least a half-dozen creative projects, both at my current company (, and my former employer ( They are creative, talented, detail-oriented, and very easy to ...
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