We make custom animated videos.

Starting a hedge fund seems like a good idea but round pegs don’t fit into square holes so we started TruFuel in 2006 as a way to have fun, create jobs, and help businesses tell their story with animation! Believe or not we enjoy turning complex concepts into short animated videos that help teach, train, and sell.

‘Case you haven’t noticed life is complex and a tad overwhelming, so the idea of making sweet  little stories for your business can just make everyone a little happier. (insert eye twinkle). Heck, we might even go so far as have our tagline read,  “instilling hope, joy, simplicity and the goodness of life one story at a time.” Seriously.

Self-hug for reading this far. Most people don’t. For better or worse  a 30 second video is often e a better user experience than reading reams of website copy. (There’s nothing wrong with reading, it’s just more fun when you have a good book and a comfortable place to relax.)


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Rave Reviews

  "I've now worked with TruFuel on at least a half-dozen creative projects, both at my current company (www.coupa.com), and my former employer (www.inquira.com). They are creative, talented, detail-oriented, and very easy to ...
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